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Anxiety Toolkit

Explaining the vicious cycle of anxiety (CBT)

This video explains the cycle of anxiety, how it manifests and how it applies to the individual.

Source: Centre for Clinical Interventions

Reversing the vicious cycle of anxiety (CBT)

In this video, we describe how we can reverse the vicious cycle of anxiety to a client. We encourage you to watch the preceding video on “Explaining the Vicious Cycle of Anxiety” before you watch this video.

Source: Centre for Clinical Interventions

The cycle of anxiety

In this video, the cycle of anxiety is broken down and explained step-by-step, by Woody Schuldt, a mental health counselor.


Deep Breathing Exercise

Deep breathing is a simple exercise that can be used to manage stress and anxiety. Use this video to help learn, and then practice, how to use the technique.


10-minute meditation

A nice, quick, 10 minute meditation to help relieve current anxiety you may be experiencing.

Source: Goodful

Binaural Beats – Anxiety

A sound clip that features binaural beats, a sound wave that resonates within your brain and may cause you to relax and reduce your symptoms of anxiety.

Source: Magnetic Minds 

A guided meditation for anxiety

Russell Brand features in a guided meditation for relieving anxiety.

Source: Russell Brand Youtube.

Weightless – Relaxing Music

Declared ‘the most relaxing’ song of all time.  This will help you enter a relaxing state.

Source: Marconi Union – Youtube

Relaxation Techniques (PDF)

This printout includes a brief description of the fight-or-flight response and step-by-step instructions on how to use each relaxation technique.


Thought Log (PDF)

Keep track of your anxious thoughts,  what triggered it, and the rationale behind the thought.


Take the anxiety screening quiz

A quick tool from MHA (Mental Health America) that asks you some questions to gauge your level of anxiety.